Laboratory Services

The main missions of CSTE is to provide laboratory services for undergraduate and graduate, experimantal and laboratory courses. The laboratory in CSTE can be grouped as followings :

1. Basic Science

[Physics][Chemistry][Analytical Chemistry][Biochemistry][Biology][Microbiology]

2. Agricultural Technology

[Animal Production][Plant Production][Food Technology][Biotechnology][Central Equipment]

3. Engineering Group 1

[Mechnical][Electrical][Telecommunication][Agricultural][Automotive][Aeronuatical] [Mechatronics][CAD-CAM]

4. Engineering Group 2

[Civil][Geotech][Transportation][Chemical][Metal][Polymer][Ceramics][Industrial][Environmental][Survey][Material Testing]

 5. Information Technology

[IT][Studio][Remote Sensing]

 6. Health Science

[Central Equipment][Anatomy][Physiology][Pharmacuetical][Parasitology][Phathology] [Environmental Care][Public Safety][Skill Lab][Nursing][Sport Science]

CSTE maintains central units and offices to support academic activities, advanced courses, R&D, and academic services as followings:

1. Admin and Laboratory Service Office


2. R&D and Graduate Course Support Unit

[Database][Safety][Student Project]

3. Analytical Service Laboratory  

[Water][Physical][Chemical] [Microbiology][Food]

4. Technical and Engineering Support

[Maintenance][Development][Calibration] [Machine shop][Pilot Experiment]

5. Laboratory Animal Facility


6. Chemical Storage & Services

[Chemical] [DI water][RO water][LN2]

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