Scanning Electron Microscope, Table-top (W-SEM)

Scanning Electron Microscope, Table-top (W-SEM)

JEOL Neoscope JCM-5000

This is a user friendly, table top, scanning electron microscope for beginner or user with minimal training i.e. undergraduate student or teaching assistant.

 Electron Optics

  • Tungsten filament
  • High tension  5 kV, 10 kV, 15 kV
  • Autofocus, Brightness, Contrast, Astigmatism


       Hi-vac Mode

  • Secondary electron detector

      Lo-vac Mode

  • Backscattered electron detector (BED)


  • 5-axis stage
  • X,Y, Z,  tilt and rotation  coordinates
  • X 35 mm ,Y 35 mm

Contact :  Anuchit Ruengwittayanon,, 044-223193

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