Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (WDXRF)

Wavelength Dispersive  X-ray Fluorescence (WDXRF)

PANalytical  AXIOSmAX  XRF Spectrometer

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) is one of the standard analytical technique that utilize the interaction of x-rays with a material to determine the sample’s elemental composition. This type of non-destructive technique is suitable for solid, liquid and powder samples from a variety of applications such as mineral, geology, chemical industry, electronics, archeology, metallurgy, etc.

This industrial-grade wavelength dispersive (WDXRF) unit can provide elemental composition of the sample of interest in accurate detail. The range of elements covers 4Be to 92U from ppm to % levels.

 X-ray source

  • Rh X-ray tube
  • 50 kV/ 1 mA
  • Mono-capillary guide tubes

 Fluorescence Detector

  • High performance scintillation detector
  • Linear dynamic range up to 3.5 Mcps

 Analyzer Crystals

  • LiF200, LiF220, Ge111, PE002, PX1


  • Elements detected 4Be to 92U
  • High precision for transition metals


  • High capacity sample changer
  • Standard sample size 140 40 mm
  • Multi-position programmable mask
  • Application modules for cement, oxide

polymer and metal

  • Oxides standards

Contact :  Komsan Taisrap (คมสัน  ต่ายทรัพย์), e-mail, 044-22xxxx

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