Powder X-ray Diffraction (XRD)

Powder X-ray Diffraction (XRD)

Bruker D2 PHASER

X-ray diffraction is a standard technique for material characterization to obtain micro structural information for crystalline and non-crystalline materials.  This non-destructive method could provide informations such as crystal structure, lattice parameter, crystal size, composition etc. which are useful for ceramics, metal alloys, semiconductors, polymer, nano-materials research.

This user-friendly desktop XRD unit is intended to serve novice user with minimal experience such as undergraduate student or teaching assistant.

 X-ray source

  • Ceramic Cu X-ray tube
  • 30 kV/ 10 mA


  • Vertical circle, Horizontal sample
  • Theta/ Theta
  • 2Theta  from -3 degree to160 degree
  • Alignment within 0.02 degree


  • 1-D (LYNXEYE)
  • Cover 5.5 degree of  2Theta


  • Various types of holder

Contact :  Yuthika Sroiraya (ยูถิกา  สร้อยระย้า), e-mail, 044-22xxxx

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